Quantum Robotics Demo

We were invited by Quantum Robotics to participate in their traditional qualifiers. It was the first traditional event of the season and it was a superb experience. We were finally able to show other teams how far we’ve come, to scope up the competition, and to further refine our autonomous and driving skills. We also had a great performance, winning second place.
Quantum Robotics also invited us and all the other teams that qualified to the national championship after the Bucharest Regional Qualifier to a practice session at their high school. It was a great way to identify other good teams for potential alliances at the national championship and to make final adjustments to the autonomous code. Three days before the national championship, Ignite Robotics also invited us to a practice session at their high school. We whole-heartedly agreed to participate, since we think that driver practice within the last few days is very important.

IOWA Invitational

After our good result at the regional qualifiers in Bucharest, we were invited to participate in the Iowa Invitational, which along with the Maryland Tech Invitational are the biggest off-season FTC events in the United States. It was a great experience to play among great teams from around the world and we greatly improved our skills. We won Design Award, making this the second award in the Ultimate Goal 2020-2021 season, after the Inspire Award obtained during the regional competition.