Titans Academy

This October we organized the first edition of the Titans Academy event, supported by AMC Studio and Adobe. We had 8 teams as guests, along with our recruits and volunteers. Together we learned how to give speeches at the first "Presentation Skills" workshop, given by Ștefan Bădescu, Adobe representative. At the AMC Studio workshop, held by Alexandru Eremia, we learned how to create our own 3D characters in "Blender". During this event, we had the opportunity to develop new skills and improve the ones we already had.

European Researchers' Night 2023

This year we participated again in the European Researchers' Night where, as exhibitors, we provided the public with robots built from Lego sets and the workshop for Arduino beginners. The little ones were also attracted by our Power Play season robot which they could observe on the ground. Parents and children of all ages were interested in our robots and we hope we inspired them to learn more about robotics, a field of the future.

Quantum Kickathon 2023

At the start of this season, we participated in the 3rd edition of the Kickathon organized by the Quantum Robotics team. After learning the game of the Center Stage season, we built a prototype robot in just 16 hours and tested it on the new field. It was an exciting experience that challenged us to test our limits and helped us improve our teamwork.

Bucharest Twin Cup

Mid-August we participated in the Bucharest Twin Cup competition, where, together with Tea-Borgs, we formed the alliance called TEA-TITANS. It was an intense couple of days, where we played hard matches, had fun and enjoyed the whole BTC experience.

Beclean Summer Camp 2023

Somes Tech Challenge Dej-Cluj

This demo gave us the opportunity to look back at the challenges and successes of the previous year, but also to gain new experiences, always useful, especially for the training of the new TITANS generation. The training and the attention put into the transformation of our robot have made themselves visible, facilitating our place among the STC finalists. We thank them for the unforgettable moments not only for them, but also for the organizing team, for the opportunity that has been presented to us, allowing us to continue to aspire towards performance.

KidsFest - University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest

At the end of June we took part in the KidsFest event that took place at the Politehnica University of Bucharest. Together with 7 other teams invited by us, we presented our robots to children while we held 3D design and printing workshops and demonstration matches to show how the First Tech Challenge competition takes place. We enjoyed a great atmosphere with the little ones, and although the weather wasn't the sunniest, we didn't stop having fun together.

Robotics Seminar

We participated in a seminar on the importance of robotics for children and teenagers and presented how a Power Play match is conducted. This allowed parents to see how robotics can be put into practice as a relaxing activity through the First Tech Challenge competition.

"Gheorghe Lazar" National College - Open Day

In June 2023, we participated in the Open Day of the "Gheorghe Lazăr" National College. We presented the work of our team in front of hundreds of future high school students, whom we are looking forward to welcome in our high school and even in our team. Together we will build the future generation of schoolchildren!

WE CREATE THE FUTURE - Promenada Mall Bucharest

In May 2023, we organized the WE CREATE THE FUTURE event in partnership with Orion Robotix and Promenada Mall Bucharest. Together with teams from around the country we organized friendly matches, held workshops about robotics and presented the First Tech Challenge competition and our journey to the people passing by.

Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Robotics' Workshops

Both team members, recruits and volunteers have learned or improved skills in sensor operation, 3D printing and design by participating in the workshops, adding value to the team.

Cyber Security - Deloitte

Andrei Ifrim and Andrei Ionescu, cybersecurity specialists at Deloitte, shared with us information about their field of work, stating the educational background we should have, while offering us the possibility of internships within the company.


The countries and educational institutions involved in the ERASMUS 2023 - 2024 project are: France (Lycée Issec Pigier), Spain (Lloixa and El Somni), Italy (Liceu P. Savi), Slovenia (Liceul Srecka) and Romania (Colegiul Național "Gheorghe Lazăr"'). As part of the project, we had the opportunity to teach 20 of the participating students how to operate an FTC robot and how it can improve the life of a disabled individual.

Starting a STEM businessInfomedia Pro

We learned from V. Giurgiulescu, CEO of Infomedia Pro, what the basics of an IT start-up are. He shared his own experience as an example and stressed the need for entrepreneurship.

EcoRobot - Marathon EPR Group S.A.

In order to promote FIRST values and environmental education among young generations, we support presentations in numerous schools in Bucharest (School No. 79, ARC Metropolitan School, School No. 49, School No. 108, "Gheorghe Lazăr" National College) and in nearby counties such as Giurgiu and Calarasi.

Radio Romania Actualități Morning News

Bianca, as a representative of our team, along with a mentor, was invited to participate in the Radio Romania Actualități morning show, where the topic of discussion was the national stage of the "BRD -First Tech Challenge" competition. Our team has been participating in this competition since the first season, so Bianca shared with the listeners the experiences she had with her colleagues.

LZR ROBOTICS FEST 5TH - University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, ECDL Romania

The demo we organized gave us the opportunity to train and communicate with 20 national teams, the winners of the competitive matches were awarded by the Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Robotics himself. At the same time, in partnership with ECDL Romania, we organized a 3D design and printing competition, which was judged and awarded by Raluca Constantinescu, ECDL Programme Development Manager, and Mihai Peca, ECDL Trainer.

RoboSpace - Romanian Space Innitiative, SpacedIn, Marathon EPR

The RoboSpace charity activity was inspired by the ROSPIN For Schools project, which is why the 30 participating students from Bucharest learned about robotics, the FTC competition, and space. They also used their technical and even creative skills by building models of lunar rovers. The material (school supplies, books) and financial resources raised were donated to the "Sfântul Dimitrie" Foundation.

KIDIBOT Contest - "Ion Heliade Rădulescu" Secondary School

We had the opportunity to talk about the team and the FTC contest with Mr. Sebastian Burduja, Minister of Research, Innovation and Digitalization and Mr. Daniel Cingu from the Local Council Sector 1. The competition consists of several IT challenges, one of them being the throwing of plastic bottles in the trashcan with the help of our robot.

European Researchers' Night 2022

As exhibitors, we organized programming and robotics workshops for children to replicate the team's work in the context of the competition, teaching them how to operate a robot, be it the ARDUINO, the eco robot, or the Freight Frenzy robot. In this way, we promoted FIRST values among them and also had the opportunity to communicate with other participating robotics teams, sharing ideas.

Mentoring - Team OrionRobotix (European School Bucharest)

This season we became mentors to the OrionRobotix rookie team, introducing them to FTC competition and mentoring them throughout the season, as well as inviting them to join us at various events to enhance their development. We will also collaborate in the future by organising a presentation for primary and secondary school children.

Quantum Kick-Off 2022

This year's KICK-OFF Competition, organised by Quantum Robotics Team, set the scene for an 18-hour robot concept, based on the newest FTC season, Power Play. Not only did we build and program our robot from scratch, but we also seized the opportunity to bond with other attending teams and showcase our progress thus far.

Beclean Summer Camp 2022

What an experience it was! With utmost glee we took part in the camp organised by Esentza Robotics Team in their hometown Beclean. Activities ranging from spontaneous robot building, treasure hunts, on-field matches and a variety of lectures, surely kept us busy, yet entertained.

Dej-Cluj Demo Competition

This time, we travelled all the way to Dej-Cluj, in order to participate in a demo competition organised by our fellow Robotics Team Vectron. We gave our all, enjoying the jolly atmosphere and the on-field matches, in the end, even managing to earn our place on the podium.


A truly interesting event concept, where teams had to scout the presentation area in order to discover various participating companies and gain their favour, so as to obtain a future sponsorship deal.

AIDEES Erasmus+

We had a wonderful experience with our friends from France, Spain, Italy and Slovenia in the AIDEES Erasmus+ project! Our guests benefited from our hands-on approach, as they were able to get a taste of the robots’ functionalities right then and there, without any previous experience!

The First EcoRobot Event

Gymnasium School No. 194 was the first educational unit where the series of workshops for children began and the school representatives are delighted with the project:

"The development of an educational program through which children acquire knowledge and motivation to act individually and in a team to solve problems related to environmental protection, aided by robotics, is an essential component of current education."

EcoRobot Project

Marathon EPR & Titans present an ecological project that is meant to bring a cleaner environment to our world. We have decided to rebuild the Skystone robot for recycling usages and so far it has been a great opportunity to showcase our care for the beloved Earth! Let's simplify the recycling tasks so that we can live in a cleaner place!

European Researchers' Night 2021

Our team showcased this year's robot at the Researchers' Night Bucharest, where they also held arduino and programming workshops for children. We are very grateful for seeing the next generation taking initiative and being so interested in STEM activities!

National Hybrid Championship

Dear Titans-readers, your support and good thoughts, along with our never-ending strive for success brought our team's accomplishments at the FTC National Championship. Titans has been listed as the Inspire Award 3rd Prize Winner, an award that is considered the most precious result a team could receive in the FIRST ecosystem. It is given to the team that has an accurate and complex robot that surpasses the basic tasks on the field. The Inspire Award winning team shares the FIRST values in its community and frequently proves initiative and determination. It has been a great pleasure reuniting with the other teams. We were on cloud nine while reviving the physical national stage atmosphere. We hope we will get together soon.

Quantum Robotics Demo

We were invited by Quantum Robotics to participate in their traditional qualifiers. It was the first traditional event of the season and it was a superb experience. We were finally able to show other teams how far we’ve come, to scope up the competition, and to further refine our autonomous and driving skills. We also had a great performance, winning second place.
Quantum Robotics also invited us and all the other teams that qualified to the national championship after the Bucharest Regional Qualifier to a practice session at their high school. It was a great way to identify other good teams for potential alliances at the national championship and to make final adjustments to the autonomous code. Three days before the national championship, Ignite Robotics also invited us to a practice session at their high school. We whole-heartedly agreed to participate, since we think that driver practice within the last few days is very important.

IOWA Invitational

After our good result at the regional qualifiers in Bucharest, we were invited to participate in the Iowa Invitational, which along with the Maryland Tech Invitational are the biggest off-season FTC events in the United States. It was a great experience to play among great teams from around the world and we greatly improved our skills. We won Design Award, making this the second award in the Ultimate Goal 2020-2021 season, after the Inspire Award obtained during the regional competition.